Roof Top Panel Application Form


Please Read The Instructions and Terms & Conditions Carefully

1 Applicant can apply by Entering valid Ivrs or By Customer ID (Printed on Electricity Bill)
2 For Application  following Documents are Mandatory Copy of Document must be enclosed with Application form ( Scanned copy of documents in jpeg/pdf format (size must be less then 2.5 MB) can be Uploaded )
  (a) Id Proof (Aadhar Card / Driving License/Passport/Voter Id Card)
  (b) Document of Ownership(Registry / Property Tax Receipt/Undertaking / Agreement)                                                                                        (The applicant should be the owner of property or an authorized person of the owner organization if the property is in the name of the company trust Co-operatives/ partnership firms, then  authorization shell be assigned to a person for correspondence paper work execution of various agreements etc. Such person must be authorize by the management of the organization in case of partnership firm, the authorized signatory must be one of the partners, to whom written consent has been given by the other partners).
  (c) Copy of Current bill months.
  (d) Schematic Diagram of Arrangement (solar Pv Installation )
3 Application is not transferable.
4 Applicant can select any Empanelled System Installer From the list in Application form.
5 Premise must have easy access for inspection, metering and other necessary checks.
6 Discom Shell not be held responsible for any  legal disputes between the applicant and renewable energy system installer arising out of the contract.
7 The non Refundable registration fee of rupees 1000 plus 10 Rs portal charges can be paid through Netbanking/ Creditcard/ Debitcard
8 The Proposed System capacity of the Renewable Energy System Shell be In-Line with the provisions of the Madhya Pradesh Electricity Supply Code,2013, for permitting consumer connection
9 After Installation Of Renewable Energy system , office discom would inspect the renewable energy system up to 10 KW .For capacities above 10KW , Electrical Inspectorate , Government of Madhya Pradesh would be the Inspecting and certifying Authority . They Shell Certify whether the Installation meets necessary safety Standards .
I have read all the instructions and conditions.

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